BREAKING TWITTER FILES: The FBI Would Send PRE-FLAGGED Content For Twitter To Censor On Regular Basis

(trendingpolitics) – On Friday, Matt Taibbi released a fresh new batch of “The Twitter Files” in which he exposed the FBI for being a “subsidiary” of Twitter. According to the leaks, the FBI and DHS would send troves of social posts to Twitter that were already pre-flagged for moderation.

During the past few weeks, the left downplayed the FBI’s involvement, but these new leaks tell an entirely different story.

“It’s no secret the government analyzes bulk data for all sorts of purposes, everything from tracking terror suspects to making economic forecasts. The #TwitterFiles show something new: agencies like the FBI and DHS regularly sending social media content to Twitter through multiple entry points, pre-flagged for moderation,” he tweeted.

In fact, former Twitter executive Yoel Roth communicated with the FBI over 150 times in under two years:

More tweets revealed WEEKLY MEETINGS with the DHS, DOJ, FBI, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence:

This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more…


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