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BREAKING: McConnell Turns Tail – This Is Bad

BREAKING: McConnell Turns Tail – This Is Bad

(informationliberation) – President Trump made good on his threats on Wednesday and vetoed the “America Last” National Defense Authorization Act which gives $38 billion from struggling US taxpayers to Israel, blocks the president from bringing troops home from the Middle East and erases our nation’s history.

The horrendous bill was passed with veto-proof, bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate and Mitch McConnell is already planning to bring the Senate back on Dec 29 to try and ensure it passes anyway, as The Hill reports :
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced early Tuesday morning that the Senate will return to Washington on Dec. 29 to respond to a potential veto from President Trump of a mammoth defense bill.

[…] Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has aligned closely with Trump and tried to slow-walk the defense bill earlier this month, indicated Monday he could similarly delay an override vote.

“I very much am opposed to the Afghan war, and I’ve told them I’ll come back to try to prevent them from easily overriding the president’s veto,” Paul told reporters.

Congress has until noon on Jan. 3 to override the veto. If Congress fails to override the veto by then, lawmakers would need to start from scratch on the bill, and it would be the first time in 60 years the bill does not become law.
McConnell is absolutely desperate to cram in a bunch of last “F-yous” to the American people ahead of Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections (if the GOP loses, they’ll probably blame Trump rather than their own despicable actions).

Trump released the following statement announcing his veto on WhiteHouse.gov:

I am returning, without my approval, H.R. 6395, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (the “Act”). My Administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security. Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions. It is a “gift” to China and Russia.

No one has worked harder, or approved more money for the military, than I have — over $2 trillion. During my 4 years, with the support of many others, we have almost entirely rebuilt the United States military, which was totally depleted when I took office. Your failure to terminate the very dangerous national security risk of Section 230 will make our intelligence virtually impossible to conduct without everyone knowing what we are doing at every step.

The Act fails even to make any meaningful changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, despite bipartisan calls for repealing that provision. Section 230 facilitates the spread of foreign disinformation online, which is a serious threat to our national security and election integrity. It must be repealed.

Additionally, the Act includes language that would require the renaming of certain military installations. Over the course of United States history, these locations have taken on significance to the American story and those who have helped write it that far transcends their namesakes. My Administration respects the legacy of the millions of American servicemen and women who have served with honor at these military bases, and who, from these locations, have fought, bled, and died for their country. From these facilities, we have won two World Wars. I have been clear in my opposition to politically motivated attempts like this to wash away history and to dishonor the immense progress our country has fought for in realizing our founding principles.

The Act also restricts the President’s ability to preserve our Nation’s security by arbitrarily limiting the amount of military construction funds that can be used to respond to a national emergency. In a time when adversaries have the means to directly attack the homeland, the President must be able to safeguard the American people without having to wait for congressional authorization. The Act also contains an amendment that would slow down the rollout of nationwide 5G, especially in rural areas.

Numerous provisions of the Act directly contradict my Administration’s foreign policy, particularly my efforts to bring our troops home. I oppose endless wars, as does the American public. Over bipartisan objections, however, this Act purports to restrict the President’s ability to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Germany, and South Korea. Not only is this bad policy, but it is unconstitutional. Article II of the Constitution makes the President the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States and vests in him the executive power. Therefore, the decision regarding how many troops to deploy and where, including in Afghanistan, Germany, and South Korea, rests with him. The Congress may not arrogate this authority to itself directly or indirectly as purported spending restrictions.

For all of these reasons, I cannot support this bill. My Administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members. I will not approve this bill, which would put the interests of the Washington, D.C. establishment over those of the American people. It is my duty to return H.R. 6395 to the House of Representatives without my approval.


December 23, 2020.
I wish he started vetoing these bills three years ago but it’s better late than never.

As I noted Monday, the consolidated appropriations package/copyright extortion/COVID bailout screwjob that congress rammed through to mass outrage from the American people also contains an additional $500,000,000 for Israel.

Israel currently holds $53.3 billion in US treasuries which they purchased with our money and now lend back to us with interest.

Many Americans don’t realize the billions in foreign aid we’re sending to countries like Egypt and Sudan are payoffs to those countries for normalizing relations with Israel.

Hopefully, Trump will veto all these bills and force the traitors occupying our congress to go on record a second time f***ing us all over!



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