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BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sneaky Plan EXPOSED – He And Kamala Are Really…

BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sneaky Plan EXPOSED – He And Kamala Are Really…

(breitbart) – As colleges open their commencement ceremonies for in-person attendance after the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the Biden White House is barring Cabinet members from in-person speeches as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris do not adhere to the same rules.

Cabinet members, who normally serve as part of the public face to help promote the Biden administration’s far-left policies, are barred from giving commencement speeches to in-person attendees, according to a report from Axios. “The White House doesn’t want to encourage super-spreader events,” according to the report.

Members of Biden’s cabinet are allowed to speak virtually at events, according to the report. The White House told Axios, “The White House and administration remain vigilant to the public health challenges posed by the pandemic, and we’re taking every step necessary to prevent the spread of the virus and model leadership for the country.”

Unfortunately, as the Biden administration does not want to “encourage super-spreader events,” the President and Vice President Kamala Harris do not have to abide by the same rules. “The rules don’t apply equally to everyone,” Axios reported.

“The president himself is scheduled to deliver the keynote address in person during the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s graduation ceremony” later this month, Axios reported. Traditionally as the report said, the commander-in-chief has an annual rotation among the four different service academies across the country. Coast Guard officials told the Associated Press, “this year’s exercise will again be closed to the public” in addition, “the number of guests will be greatly reduced from past years” due to the Chinese coronavirus. The academy officials added, “Those attending will be asked wear masks [sic] and be socially distanced.”

Harris will be giving an in-person keynote address at the Naval Academy’s commissioning ceremony later this month in Annapolis, Maryland, according to the Capital Gazette. This keynote as well typically rotates between the vice president, president, and secretary of defense. This ceremony as well will limit the capacity due to the pandemic. The Gazette reported, “each midshipman was given a limited number of tickets for the commissioning ceremony, as well as for the Commissioning Week events.”

Axios noted the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) latest guidance said people could gather outside or conduct activities outdoors without wearing a mask. The report added, “the exception is certain crowded settings and venues, such as concerts.”



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