BREAKING: Joe Biden STABBED In Back – Report Shocks White House…


(foxnews) – Axios reporter Hans Nichols said Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that President Biden’s economic accomplishments were “largely irrelevant” with inflation at a 40-year-high and increased gas prices occurring nationwide. 

Nichols, Politico White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López and CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins joined host Abby Philips to discuss Biden’s economy. The president touted his accomplishments during a speech, Friday, about the most recent jobs report, which saw that the economy created 431,000 jobs in March. Philips also noted an NBC poll that found enthusiasm for Republicans heading into the midterms was at 67%, compared to 50% for Democrats. 

“Record job creation. Record unemployment declines. Record wage gains,” Biden said. But Philips noted that “there are still signs that the American public doesn’t think things are trending in the right direction.”

Collins called it a “balance” for Biden with inflation at a high and the “affordability of energy.”

Nichols said that the president was right, but that his accomplishments were “also largely irrelevant.”

“There is one number they can’t really change right now and that is what the placard says at the local gas station and that number is high and that’s a daily jobs report that voters, that Americans, consumers see every day — and there is nothing the White House can do about it other than bring down the price of gasoline.”

“And maybe blame Putin,” Philips said, noting the White House messaging on gasoline prices. 

“Look when I pass gas stations that say ‘Blame Putin’ more than they say ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ I’ll know the White House has been successful in messaging it, but that hasn’t happened yet,” Nichols said. Philips pointed to a Quinnipiac poll that found just 24% of Americans believe the price hikes are because of the war in Ukraine. 41% say they’re due to Biden’s policies and 24% also say that oil companies are the problem.

Barrón-López said Americans feel that wages are not increasing at the same pace prices are and that the lack of enthusiasm among Democratic voters might have to do with the fact that Biden has yet to do anything to alleviate student debt or on voting rights. 

View of the prices of gas at the Shell gas station on Friday, March 25, 2022, in New York.

View of the prices of gas at the Shell gas station on Friday, March 25, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Brittainy Newman)

The Biden administration announced Thursday that it would be releasing one million barrels of oil per day for the next six months from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 

Gas prices have shifted slightly downward since the announcement with the average decreasing to $4.192, according to AAA.