BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Drops Bombshell On GOP – It’s Time …

(foxnews) – Former four-term United States representative and host of “Sunday Night in America” Trey Gowdy responded on his show Sunday to Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s, R-N.C., claim that he witnessed Washington elites engage in hard drug use and solicit attendees for orgies. Gowdy called on Cawthorn to provide the public with names of the alleged participants or admit “that you made it up.”

TREY GOWDY: My question for the congressman is simply this: Who? Give us the names. If you’re being invited to cocaine parties by colleagues, tell us who invited you? Who used illicit drugs in front of you? Who broke the very laws they passed, and expect to us follow? Which of your colleagues believes he or she is above the law? Who is doubling as a deviant by night while talking about family values by day? …The good ones don’t make the news, The bad ones get all of the attention. This modern obsession with negativity does not need to be enhanced by exaggeration.

I was in DC for eight years, and the people I associated with it were nothing like what this congressman described. Tim Scott’s idea of a wild time was ordering dessert… Kevin McCarthy did take to us see movies, and one time, he did order butter popcorn if that counts. Joe Kennedy’s nickname was ‘milk,’ because It was the strongest thing he drank…Jason Chaffetz didn’t need milk because he didn’t even drink coffee.

The people that I was around did none of what you described ever, so if you are invited to NC -17 parties and watching people do cocaine, you are hanging around with the wrong people, but you should name them, so their constituents know what they are doing on the people’s time. And If none of what you described really happened, you need to admit that too. 

Either tell us who you saw doing cocaine and who invited you to sexually explicit parties, or admit what we suspect, which is that you made it up. And then ask yourself where fairness and honesty fall on the list of qualities we should be looking for in members of Congress.


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