BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets Bombshell Update – He Was Right All Along


(breitbart) – During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) disputed the notion that the Republican Party needed to move on from President Donald Trump, which is a belief held Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and a handful of other prominent Republicans.

Graham insisted the Trump agenda brought in more people to the GOP and made it a viable choice for a group of new voters.

“I would just say to my Republican colleagues: Can we move forward without President Trump? The answer is no,” he said. “I’ve always liked Liz Cheney, but she’s made a determination that the Republican Party can’t grow with President Trump. I’ve determined we can’t grow without him. All of these people like Herschel Walker and all the people you just named are attracted to the Trump Republican Party, economic populism, ‘America First’ agenda. If you don’t get that as a Republican, you’re making the biggest mistake in the history of the Republican Party.”

“The reason our party is growing with minorities and with working men and women is because President Trump appears to be on the side of people working really hard, appears to be on the side of opportunity, not dependency, because he is,” Graham added.