BREAKING: COVID-19 Cases Spike in Singapore After Country Reaches 80 Percent Vaccine Threshold

(bigleaguepolitics) – Singapore is reporting its highest number of COVID-19 cases in over a year after their nation reached its 80 percent vaccine threshold.

As a result, authorities are beginning to once again implement lockdown measures, including banning social gatherings in the workplace and requesting that residents only go to a maximum of one social gathering per day in their private lives.

Alex Cook, an infectious diseases modelling expert at the National University of Singapore, is making excuses for the vaccine regime, as public health experts toeing the line for Big Pharma are known to do.

“The community cases have actually gone up since reaching 80 per cent coverage, in part because we’re allowing more social events for those who are vaccinated and, I dare say, more fatigue at the control measures,” Cook said.

However, Cook did admit that the vaccines are worthless in stopping the Delta variant of COVID-19, which, of course, will just be used as a justification to push more shots.

“One main lesson from across South-East Asia is that it is incredibly hard to prevent Delta’s spread and, as Singapore shows, even high vaccination rates will not help that much,” Cook added.

Big League Politics has reported on countries with high vaccination rates having record-breaking case totals, which is being used to push more dangerous and experimental Big Pharma shots: 

The country of Israel currently has a controversial policy of compelled vaccine passports, forcing citizens to receive COVID-19 vaccinations and show proof of such in order to participate in basic daily functions like exercise or eating in a restaurant.

Israel’s health ministry announced on Sunday that these vaccine passes will expire 6 months after their second shot, implying a potential plan by the government to force booster shots on its people multi-annually in perpetuity.

Who is considered to be vaccinated / recovered and protected?

  • A person who was vaccinated with two vaccine doses, within 6 months from the date of the second vaccination
  • A person who was vaccinated with three vaccine doses, a week after the third vaccination
  • A person who has recovered from coronavirus disease, within 6 months from the issuing date of the certificate of recovery (a resolution concerning recovered individuals more than 6 months after recovery who have not been vaccinated is being reviewed).
  • Anyone who recovered from coronavirus disease and received at least one vaccine dose.

    Part of a press release from the Israeli Ministry of Health 

The country recently has put out reports of waning efficacy on the Pfizer shot, with the previously predicted success rate of 95% now dropping to a lackluster 39%. Pfizer’s shot made up the vast majority of vaccines given to adults in Israel.

This news comes as Israel rolls out boosters to most of its population. On Sunday, Israel’s health minister granted access to a third shot for all over the age of 12 who received a second shot at least five months prior, the Times of Israel reported.

“From today, the third dose is available to everyone,” said Israeli Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash on Sunday, the Times of Israel reported.”

The vaccine regime is failing, but the bought-off public health establishment will never admit that. They will never admit that their global power grab is based on a foundation of lies.

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