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BREAKING: BLM Activist Caught After Attempted Murder At Memorial

BREAKING: BLM Activist Caught After Attempted Murder At Memorial

(thegatewaypundit) – The man who attempted to kill conservative activist Shane Moon following a memorial for the Trump supporter who was murdered by Antifa last week has been identified by witnesses as Black Lives Matter activist Robbie Smith.

Smith’s social media lists him as owning or working at CamCuts Barber Shop in Burton, Washington. Gateway Pundit called them to confirm his employment, but they were closed. We will update this if more information becomes available.

The alleged attacker’s social media is littered with support for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and cop killer Christopher Dorner, who he described as a “real hero.”

Sources told Law Enforcement Today on Sunday that the attacker’s identity is known to police, but that he is still at large. They additionally reported he is a patched member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, in addition to any ties he may have to Antifa.

Sources tell Gateway Pundit that Smith is not a current member of the Mongols.

Many on social media are now questioning if he was working as an informant, and if that is why his identity was being protected by law enforcement.

Rex Fergus, who witnessed the attack, provided Smith’s name and social media to the Gateway Pundit, asserting that he is the one responsible. Smith’s name does not appear in the Clark County records at this time. It is unclear if this means he has not been arrested, or if Robbie Smith is an alias. Vancouver Police have not returned multiple calls by the Gateway Pundit.

Smith’s Instagram does indeed feature lots of photos of motorcycles, in addition to his support for BLM and Antifa.

Many of Smith’s posts also threatened violence against those he perceives to be “racist.”

“If you are #racist, run far far away from my #brothers and I. Because we will take action against ANYONE who ignorantly and blindly hates against someone for their skin color of demographics,” read a post Smith shared on Instagram last week.

Moon, a member of the Proud Boys, is in intensive care from being hit by the truck at Charlie’s Bar in Vancouver, Washington, after attending a memorial for Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

Vancouver Police had refused to release the name of the driver, even to the long time girlfriend of the victim.

The suspect had been inside the bar filming and confronting members of the Proud Boys, in what witnesses believe was an attempt to dox them. After he was removed from the bar, he ran over Moon in the parking lot.

The Proud Boys are a pro-Trump male social group that frequently stands against Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants — which has naturally made them a hated target of the left.

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, provided Gateway Pundit with a photo of The driver prior to the attack:

His truck:

The victim, Shane Moon, is bleeding from his brain, sustained damaged to his left temporal lobe, has a concussion and cannot remember the impact.

A friend of Moon’s who witnessed the incident, Rex Fergus, spoke to and interviewed his girlfriend, Laura Tobolski, on Sunday at the hospital. She provided him with updates about her boyfriend’s condition.

The audio of the interview was provided to the Gateway Pundit.

According to Tobolski, the bleeding in his brain has not increased and he is expected to be moved out of the ICU today.

Moon does not remember the impact, but remembers everything leading up to it, according to Tobolski.

“He remembers trying to get out of the way, he physically tried to move out of the way of the truck. The truck obviously did not try to get out of Shane’s way. He remembers up until that point, then he doesn’t remember anything until he woke up on the stretcher,” she explained.

Moon absolutely feels like this was a targeted attack, and Tobolski agrees.

“There was plenty of room for the truck to go around Shane, or even wait for him to move out of the way,” Tobolski noted. “There was none of that. It was absolutely  targeted.”

GoFundMe has been launched for Moon’s medical expenses.

A fundraiser has also been created on the Christian platform GiveSendGo, since GoFundMe is unreliable when raising money for conservatives.



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