Antifa In Portland Plays Dress-Up Again: First They Were “Moms” Out At 2 In The Morning, Last Night They Pretended To Be US “Veterans”


Antifa played dress-up for the liberal media again last night.

(Gateway Pundit) – Earlier this week Antifa protesters dressed up as “concerned mothers” who came out at 2 AM in the morning, leaving their children at home, dressed as mothers to form a line to protect the violent antifa mob from federal agents protecting the federal courthouse in Portland.

It played well with their partners in the pro-Antifa media until reporter Andy Ngo noticed that the participants were violent antifa rioters playing dress-up.

Then last night these same street thugs dressed up and pretended to be US veterans.

Because WE ALL KNOW veterans support looting, burning, destroying public property.

What a joke.