WOW: Trump Jr Calls Him Out – This Is GREAT!(VIDEO)

(breitbart) – Thursday, during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” former first son Donald Trump, Jr. criticized the Biden administration, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, for its handling of the crises facing the nation.

The younger Trump told host Chris Salcedo that the Biden administration was “overseeing the downfall of America.”

“Well, there’s just no leadership,” he said. “They’re right — I mean the person in charge of deciding supply chains in our transportation secretary. Just take a couple of months off offer paternity leave. I think that’s wonderful. But you know what, Chris, some jobs you just can’t take off when there are 320 million people depending on you. I get it everywhere. You know that everyone wants to take paternity leave these days but, like some jobs — maybe you’re just going to say I can’t do it.”

“I actually got to deliver for the American people, but this administration is not about that,” Trump continued. “This administration is overseeing the downfall of America. The only accomplishment that Joe Biden has is that he’s making our enemies really happy watching it disaster take place before our very eyes. When you look at inflation, when you look at all of the disasters — that’s a tax on everyone right, 5.1% … That’s a 5% tax on every American.”


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