WOW: Biden Crashed – Event Shut Down!

(breitbart) – Former Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Toledo, Ohio, on Monday to hold a campaign event, which was interrupted by a group of President Donald Trump supporters gathered nearby.

The event, which was captured on camera, shows Biden speaking on stage with a group of Trump supporters a mere block away.

A video shared to Twitter by Marianna Sotomayor of NBC News revealed a seemingly disgruntled Biden as loud car horns went off around him and the Trump supporters chanted “four more years” in the distance.

According to Sotomayor, the Trump supporters also chanted “USA” and “Trump” at the mention of Trump’s name.

Trump supporters also lined the roadway and chanted “Trump” as Biden’s motorcade made its entrance into Toledo earlier on Monday.

At one point during Biden’s rally, which drew a small crowd of supporters, Biden claimed Trump had “let down” the American people. Biden’s comment was met with stark criticism from those who protested Biden’s appearance in the state.

Samantha Hollings, a Toledo native, traveled to her hometown from Athens to take part in “welcoming” Biden to the state.

“My mother called and had the idea of welcoming Joe Biden to our state by holding Trump signs and flags outside as he passed by and we went with it,” Hollings told Breitbart News after the rally concluded. “We got our friends together to show Biden that Ohio wants Trump.”


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