WATCH: Tucker’s Biographer Explains How Dominion Suit Allegedly Got Host Fired: ‘Last-Minute Agreement’


(trendingpoliticsnews) – Chadwick Moore, the biographer for Tucker Carlson, sat with Steve Bannon Tuesday morning to detail the “last-minute” circumstances surrounding an alleged agreement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems to fire the primetime host.

According to Moore, sources familiar with the agreement said the decision to fire Carlson was made at the very last moment as both sides prepared to go to trial over allegations that the conservative network permitted Carlson and other on-network talents to defame Dominion’s voting systems following the 2020 election. Fox agreed to a massive $787 million settlement payment and just several weeks later fired Carlson, a development that is only now being tied to the litigation.


“This news, obviously it had been rumored that this is what had happened. These people told me this before that news leaked. There were other Fox producers who were not my sources caught on hidden camera who also said this was the case. But my sources said with great assurance that this in fact is definitely the reason why… I have no reason to believe these sources do not know what they’re talking about. I was told this agreement was reached literally moments before they were about to go to trial. Fox News desperately did not want to go to trial. My sources say that the reason for that is they didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to testify,” Moore said.

Fox’s hamfisted handling of Carlson’s firing has led to a backlash among conservatives who feel the network betrayed its principles by agreeing to fire one of the conservative movement’s brightest stars. Carlson’s attorneys continue to negotiate with Fox over the terms of ending his contract which would see him sidelined through the 2024 elections.

Fox recently reneged on permitting Carlson to start his own show on Twitter, which has led some of his allies to begin a campaign of subterfuge that calls into question Fox’s conservative bona fides at a difficult time for the network. In response, publicists at the network have maintained an “oppo file” on Carlson that sources claim will be used if he attempts to skirt the conditions of his contract.