WATCH: Ted Cruz Slams ‘Little Marxists’ In The White House Over Debt Ceiling Debacle In Hilarious Clip


(trendingpoliticsnews) – In an interview on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the Biden administration, slamming their handling of the ongoing debt ceiling debacle.

The Senator referred to the decision-makers in the White House as “20-something and 30-something little Marxists” and expressed serious concerns over the potential of a default on the national debt.

“We should absolutely not default on the debt. And I will tell you, I am more worried now that we might default than I ever have been,” Cruz stated, his tone serious despite the underlying humor of his comments.

Cruz attributed his fears to what he perceives as the President’s diminished mental capacity and lack of engagement. “I don’t think Biden is up to the task. I don’t think he’s engaged in the negotiations personally and directly,” he said.


The Senator went further, criticizing the Biden administration for its alleged reliance on young, radical staff who he argues lack the experience and understanding to fully comprehend the implications of a debt default.In addition to his concerns about the decision-makers in the White House, Cruz expressed frustration at the apparent lack of communication between the President and Republican Senators.

“When the Senate is in session, every Republican Senator, we have lunch together, we sit around and talk about how virtually none of us have spoken to the President even once. He doesn’t talk to Republican Senators and that’s weird,” Cruz shared.

He pointed out that President Biden, a former Senator himself, is known by many of the current Republican Senators, some of whom even worked with him in the past. According to Cruz, Biden’s seeming reluctance to engage with these Senators marks a significant departure from his predecessor, Donald Trump, with whom Cruz says he spoke to every week, sometimes every day.

Senator Cruz ended his remarks with a cautionary note on the grave implications of a potential default. “I’m worried because I think the young, extreme staffers in the White House have no appreciation for just how damaging a default would be, and so I think they are quite willing to force a default because they think the media will blame it on Republicans. And I think that would be wildly irresponsible,” he concluded.

Cruz’s comments come at a time of increased tension in Washington D.C., with the debt ceiling issue serving as yet another point of contention between Democrats and Republicans. It remains to be seen how or if the Biden administration will respond.