Home Uncategorized WATCH: Top IRS Whistleblower Reveals Disturbing Discrepancies In Hunter Biden’s Taxes

WATCH: Top IRS Whistleblower Reveals Disturbing Discrepancies In Hunter Biden’s Taxes

WATCH: Top IRS Whistleblower Reveals Disturbing Discrepancies In Hunter Biden’s Taxes

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In an interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley gave dramatic details about the Hunter Biden tax investigation, claiming that some of the most severe felony charges were overlooked.

Shapley appeared on Baier’s show on Wednesday, where he shared his views on the controversy surrounding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

“Is there criminal implications in what you were investigating when it comes to Hunter Biden?” asked Baier. “Absolutely,” replied Shapley. “The most substantive felony charges were left off the table.”

The whistleblower then laid out the charges that he believes should have been pursued, “which would have been evasion for 2014, false return for 2018, and 2019,” Shapley said. He also argued that the tax evasion figures publicly associated with Hunter Biden have been significantly underreported.

Public documents available mention the sum “in excess of $100,000” as the amount of unpaid taxes for 2017 and 2018 respectively. Shapley, however, has a different story to tell. According to him, the real figures were much higher – “$580,000 of failure to pay for 2017 and $620,000 for 2018.” Yet, the official document places the owed amount close to $100,000.

According to Shapley, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss reportedly disclosed in a meeting with top IRS and FBI officials that he was not the deciding person on whether charges are filed against Hunter. The case was presented to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office in March 2022, but they later declined to charge in that district.

The appointment of DC U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, who was appointed by Biden, seemed to have influenced this decision. The disclosure is considered significant, and it was documented in an email sent by the whistleblower to senior executives, confirming its accuracy.


Hunter Biden’s tax affairs have been under investigation by the IRS since 2018. The investigation is focused on his business dealings in foreign countries, including China and Ukraine, and whether he and his associates complied with tax laws. Hunter Biden has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Shapley, who also spoke with CBS News recently, gave the chilling testimony about the strong-arming he claims was underway at the IRS ever since the tax agency opened an investigation into suspicious tax reports by Hunter Biden stretching back to 2018. Last week the embattled first son reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors where he admitted to two misdemeanor counts of tax fraud.

“There were certain investigative steps we weren’t allowed to take that could have led us to President Biden,” said Shapley. Asked if he wanted to take them, Shapley stood firm. “We needed to take them,” adding he wasn’t allowed to move forward with those leads.


The White House on Tuesday was in full damage control after a second whistleblower came forward to claim that the Justice Department was not actually in charge of the investigation into Hunter Biden and that pressure came from the White House to determine the outcome.

The “stand down order” came despite credible evidence that Hunter Biden avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes by setting up a fraudulent system of limited liability companies to obscure revenue he was collecting for doing work on behalf of foreign companies. Shapley previously claimed that the first son was given “preferential treatment” by IRS leadership.

Critics of the Justice Department’s deal with Hunter Biden were quick to point out that he is the only person to see similar tax abuses plead down to misdemeanors in the district of Delaware.



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