Home Uncategorized WATCH: DeSantis Says ‘Of Course He Lost’ When Grilled About Trump, 2020 Election

WATCH: DeSantis Says ‘Of Course He Lost’ When Grilled About Trump, 2020 Election

WATCH: DeSantis Says ‘Of Course He Lost’ When Grilled About Trump, 2020 Election

(trendingpoliticsnews) – When pressed about the matter of who won the 2020 election, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said in an interview with NBC News, “Of course, he [Trump] lost…Joe Biden is the president.” The question the governor initially received was “Yes or no, did Donald Trump lose the 2020 election?”

DeSantis originally stated that “whoever puts their hand on the Bible on January 20th every four years is the winner.” The interviewer pressed him later by saying “respectively you did not clearly answer that question and if you cannot give a yes or no whether Trump lost then how can you-” and it was at this point that DeSantis interjected.

Johnny Maga, a notable X user supportive of former President Trump, commented on this response by DeSantis and wrote, “Desantis just said Trump lost the 2020 election … He chose the DC consultants over the 70% of Republicans who believe Trump won … His career is finished and it should be.”

The governor, who experienced a landslide re-election victory in 2022, has not fared well in the polls (even in his own state) since he put his hat in the ring for the presidency. Even after attempting to revamp his campaign and cutting his staff by a third, the Floridian politician’s polling has not improved.

Richard Baris, a pollster who has deep ties to the donor world for Republican presidential candidates, wrote on X that he heard statements by a former DeSantis donor that “If there was no real primary, it would be impossible for them to do this…If he [Ron DeSantis] dropped out and endorsed Trump, that would be the end of this. But he won’t. He’s put his own personal ambition above us all…Nothing they pitched worked.” — Former DeSantis Donor as of an hour ago.”

Mr. Baris also pointed out that DeSantis had been banking on the indictments benefiting him by taking Trump out. He had been saying this was team DeSantis’s strategy for some time and then a New York Times article later came saying the same thing. “Mr. DeSantis has privately forecast that the now twice-indicted Mr. Trump would struggle as his legal troubles mounted, but the governor continues to poll in a distant second place nationally” Baris quoted from the article and said simply “You’re welcome [for giving you this information long before the article was published].”

Responses to DeSantis’s interview where he said Biden won the election also led to negative remarks being lobbed in his direction. “The weakling submitted to a NBC reporter,” wrote one X user.

Another X user complained that “He sounds more and more like the Democrats.”

The 2020 election has been a source of controversy given in part the censorship present and irregular vote methods adopted in states that did not previously have said methods before. Such is the scale of irregularity (and/or the effect of the censorship) and unconstitutionally over the conduct of the election, argues many conservatives, that the margin of irregularity exceeds the supposed official margin of victory for Biden.



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