Bill Barr: ‘Of Course’ I Would Testify Against Trump at January 6 Trial

(breitbart) – Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he was willing to testify against former President Donald Trump at his January 6 trial.

Anchor Major Garrett asked, “Were you interviewed by the special counsel?”

Barr said, “I’m not going to go into that.”

Would you appear as a witness if called?”

Barr said, “Of course.”

Garrett said, “One of those associated with Trump’s defense team has said, if you were called as a witness, they would cross-examine you and pierce all of that by asking you questions that you couldn’t, to their mind, credibly answer about how thorough that investigation was that led you to tell the president what you told him. How thorough was that investigation?”

Barr said, “I think it satisfied us that there was no basis for concluding that there had been fraud in those instances,” Barr said. “Some of them were obvious. One that he keeps on repeating is that there were more that more people voted than absentee ballots that were requested, and that was mixing apples and oranges. And once that was explained to him, we should we should have heard no more about that.”


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