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WATCH: CNN in RUINS… Look What Happens When Fauci Starts Talking

WATCH: CNN in RUINS… Look What Happens When Fauci Starts Talking

(bizpacreview) – Dr. Anthony Fauci made his rounds over the holiday weekend and paid a visit to CNN where he railed against “disinformation” in the battle against COVID and the government’s relentless push to get vaccines into the arms of all Americans, an ironic choice considering that the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” is the biggest purveyor of misleading information in the media.

The career bureaucrat who has been deeply embedded at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since Ronald Reagan’s first term has been a fixture on cable and network “news” shows over the last 18 months and he chatted with host Jim Acosta who, like Fauci, became a hero of the so-called resistance for his adversarial relationship with former President Donald J. Trump.

The White House and its media partners have been on a two-month mission to shift the blame away from President Joe Biden’s mismanagement of the crisis and the humiliating failure to meet his goal of 70 percent of the nation fully vaccinated by July 4th and they have resorted to scapegoating those who remain hesitant to get “the jab” by blaming their reluctance on misinformation and disinformation.0:06 / 46:045 seconds…

Acosta set up Fauci with a question about the “experts” like himself having to compete with his competitors Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan to get the message out.

Fauci responded, “Well Jim, disinformation and misinformation is really a very serious issue when it comes to a public health issue like COVID 19 in which it is essential to get correct information out both for people who are infected and who do need proper medication and proper care to foster things that are unproven right from the beginning has always been a problem,” he said, “the best way to counter disinformation and misinformation is to try as best as we all can to get the proper and correct information out.”

He agreed with Acosta that “one of the enemies of public health is disinformation and unfortunately, we do see that in some quarters.”

The segment was dripping with irony as the chyron at the bottom of the screen read that Rogan had taken a “widely discredited livestock drug for COVID,” a reference to the medication ivermectin which has been the target of a vicious media disinformation campaign as people seek a remedy for the potentially fatal virus.

Rogan – who has clashed with Fauci – did admit that he took ivermectin, a drug that continues to be dishonestly portrayed as a “horse dewormer” when in actuality, it was honored with a 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and has been successfully used to fight tropical diseases.

Twitter wasn’t about to let the two serial disinformation spreaders off the hook.

Dr. Fauci continues to be treated with reverence by the media and has a cult-like following despite his constant flip-flopping, blatant political bias, and track record of being wrong but he remains the public face of the COVID response and is a major contributor to the public distrust in the Biden administration’s push for the vaccines.



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