WATCH: Biden’s Final Words at State of the Union Address is Leaving Americans Very Confused

(trendingpolitics) – President Biden closed his meandering, immaterial, and rudderless State of the Union address with one of the most confusing final lines in presidential history. Watch:

“We can do these things,” Biden said. “It’s within our power. And I don’t see a partisan edge to any one of those four things.”

“My fellow and Americans, tonight we’ve gathered in this sacred space, a citadel of democracy in this capital,” he went on. “Generation after generation, Americans have debated great questions, amid great strife, and have done great things.

“We fought for freedom, expanded liberty, debated totalitarianism and terror,” he added. “We built the strongest, freest, and most prosperous nation in the world has ever known. Now is the hour. Our moment of responsibility, our test of resolve, conscious of history of itself.”

“It is in this moment that our character of this generation is formed. Our purpose is found. Our future is forged<‘ Biden continued. “Well, I know this nation, we’ll meet the test, protect freedom and liberty, expand fairness and opportunity, and we will save democracy.”

“As hard as those times have been, I’m more optimistic about America today than I’ve been my whole life, because I see the future that’s within our grasp, because I know there’s simply nothing beyond our our capacity,” he said. “We’re the only nation on earth that has always turned every crisis into an opportunity. The only nation that can be defined by a single word: possibilities.”

“So, on this night on our 245th year as a nation, I’ve come to report on the state of the nation. The state of the union,” he went on. “And my report is this: The state of the union is strong because you American people are strong. We are stronger today.”

“We are stronger today than we were a year ago,” Biden claimed. “And we’ll be stronger a year from now than we are today. This is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges… and we will, as one people, one America, the United States of America.”

“God bless you all,” he said. “And may God protect our troops. Thank you.”

“Go get him!” Biden shouted in closing.

Then he turned to Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi in triumph. Unfortunately, nobody has any idea who “him” is.

“Who in the hell was Biden talking about when he said ‘GO GET HIM!’ at the end of his speech??” the Hodgekin twins asked.

“Go get ‘em?” Dana Loesch reacted. “LOLwtf.”

“Who should go get who?” Sharyl Attkisson asked.

“Wait… is there a chance that Biden either heard or read the line… ‘Go get him’ which was intended to be for his handlers to pull him out of there?” Tim Young wondered

“What did Biden mean by this?” Ian Miles Cheong asked. “God bless our troops, go get him.”

“I think he meant ‘go get em,’ but he said ‘go get him,’ and now everyone thinks we’re going after Putin,” Jordan Schachtel notes. “The cadaver gonna drive us right into WW3.”

“The NBC panel attempting to translate ‘Go get him!’ is performance art,” Mary Katherine Ham noted.

“Go get he/him/them/they,” Andrew Clark snarked.

This is life for Americans in the Biden era. Wondering what their president is talking about at the State of the Union.


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