WARNING: Joe Biden Pitches Four-Point Plan – This Is Stunning

(breitbart) – President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled his four-point plan to continue to “move forward safely” with the Chinese coronavirus, despite proclaiming that “we will never just accept living with COVID-19.”

“Thanks to the progress we have made this past year, COVID-19 need no longer control our lives,” Biden proclaimed, despite the fact that blue state leaders continued to implement mandates and restrictions during the first year of his presidency, and the science has remained unchanged.

“We will continue to combat the virus as we do other diseases. And because this is a virus that mutates and spreads, we will stay on guard,” he said, offering “four common-sense steps as we move forward safely.”

“First, stay protected with vaccines and treatments. We know how incredibly effective vaccines are. If you’re vaccinated and boosted, you have the highest degree of protection,” Biden asserted, failing to mention that the number of coronavirus fatalities under his presidency far surpassed the figures seen during Trump’s last year in office, despite the widespread availability of vaccines.

He also touted anti-viral treatments as well as a “Test to Treat” initiative so “people can get tested at a pharmacy, and if they’re positive, receive antiviral pills on the spot at no cost.”

For his second post, Biden claimed that his administration will be “able to deploy new vaccines within 100 days instead of many more months or years” if needed in the event of new variants. He provided no details on how that would happen.

“I cannot promise a new variant won’t come. But I can promise you we’ll do everything within our power to be ready if it does,” he said.

“Third – we can end the shutdown of schools and businesses. We have the tools we need,” he continued, subtly leaving the door open to shut schools down again if needed.

“Our schools are open. Let’s keep it that way. Our kids need to be in school,” he said.

“Fourth, we will continue vaccinating the world,” he continued, touting the 475 million vaccine doses sent to 112 countries.

“We have lost so much to COVID-19. Time with one another. And worst of all, so much loss of life,” he continued, calling to “use this moment to reset.”

“Let’s stop looking at COVID-19 as a partisan dividing line and see it for what it is: A God-awful disease. Let’s stop seeing each other as enemies and start seeing each other for who we really are: Fellow Americans,” he said — an ironic statement, given his decision to wage war against unvaccinated Americans over the past year.



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