WATCH: Biden Appears Extremely Confused As Protestors Shout Down His Speech

President Joe Biden found himself in a verbal tangle with his perennial adversary: the teleprompter. While talking about the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday in North Carolina, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted his speech.

The President’s attempt to navigate his scripted remarks led to a moment of visible confusion. During his speech, Biden paused to say, “Everybody deserves health care.” The disruption extended as demonstrators shouted, “Hospitals in Gaza are being bombed.”

The White House has faced pressure to adopt a stronger position against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Tensions have escalated between the Biden administration and the Israeli government following the U.S.’s decision to abstain from a United Nations Security Council vote that called for a cease-fire in Gaza.


Amid the din of dissent, Biden, seemingly disoriented, went on to make a peculiar plea to the audience: “Folks, for America sends me a Congress that are Democrats!”

Tuesday’s speech quickly became a hub for social media and news commentators.


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