REPORT: Biden Is Mulling Executive Action That Would Provide Amnesty, Green Cards To Illegal Aliens

President Biden is mulling a series of executive orders that would grant amnesty to thousands of illegal aliens. Those eligible would then be able to receive green cards if a number of requirements are met.

The administration has been considering a number of options on the border after the Senate’s “bipartisan” amnesty deal was shot down. The bill would have allowed up to 10,000 illegal aliens a day, provided tens of millions in funding for NGO’s and lawyers to speed up asylum claims and accelerated a green card handout.

In the wake of the bill’s defeat, Biden has attempted to shift blame to former President Donald Trump and House Republicans for the estimated 8 million illegal aliens who have entered the nation under his watch.

According to a report from Politico, Biden is confident that the messaging will work. “[Biden’s] just very confident in that messaging,” said one source familiar with the administration’s thinking. “So I think they’re gonna keep trying to explain that to the public.”

Despite consistent polling showing that illegal immigration is becoming a top issue in the 2024 presidential election, White House sources told the outlet that there is a lack of urgency at the moment. “They’re in that pretty classic mode of, nothing is on fire right now,” said one Immigration policy advocate.

With crossings expected to surge in the coming weeks and months due to seasonal migration patterns, Biden is still considering a number of executive actions.

One potential move would mirror then-President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive action, which granted amnesty to thousands of noncitizens who came to the U.S as children. Much like Obama’s DACA program, Biden’s plan would grant amnesty to a different group of illegal aliens who have been in the country for an extended period of time.

The plan would open access to the cancellation of removal program for people who have lived in the United States for more than 10 years, and have relatives who would “suffer” if they were subjected to deportation. If the requirements were met and an immigration judge approves the cancellation of removal, eligible recipients could then be given a green card, Politico reported.

Biden is also considering action that would assist blue cities with massive increases in illegal alien populations, as red states such as Texas and Florida are expected to continue their programs of shipping new arrivals to blue strongholds.

“I do think that in a heartbeat, if they felt like they needed to do something because of the images of too many people coming or whatever they were afraid of, they would do it,” one White House source told Politico.


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