WARNING: Republicans Negotiating Federal Gun Laws in…

(breitbart) – Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Republicans were engaged in bipartisan negotiations for federal gun safety measures following Uvalde, TX shooting.

Murphy said, “It’s inconceivable to me that we haven’t passed significant federal legislation trying to address the tragedy of gun violence in this nation, especially because since Sandy Hook, we’ve seen even worse slaughter, in Las Vegas, in Orlando. The pace of everyday gun violence has dramatically escalated over the past two years. States have passed tighter laws, referendums passed. There are present of local efforts that have been successful in tightening up our gun laws. We need federal legislation. After every mass shooting, there are talks in Washington. They never succeed, but there are more Republicans interested in talking about finding a path forward this time than I have seen since Sandy Hook, and in the end, I may end up being heartbroken. I’m at the table in a more significant way right now with Republicans and Democrats than ever before. Certainly many more Republicans willing to talk right now than after Sandy Hook.”

He added, “What we’re talking about is not insignificant. Inside this room, we’re talking about red flag laws. We’re talking about strengthening, expanding the background check system. We’re talking about safe storage, but yes, we’re also talking about mental health resources and more security dollars for schools. A package that really, in the end, could have a significant downward pressure on gun violence in this country and break the logjam.”



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