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STUNNING: Biden Forced To ACT – Democrats Need…

STUNNING: Biden Forced To ACT – Democrats Need…

(breitbart) – President Joe Biden is scheduled to campaign for Democrats in Oregon as their candidates are struggling in a normally safe state.

The president will campaign in Portland on behalf of Democrat candidates on Friday, participating in a grassroots volunteer event.

He will also participate in a fundraiser and deliver a speech about the importance of lowering costs for American families.

Biden’s visit is a political effort to boost Tina Kotek, a Democrat candidate for governor who is in danger of losing to Republican Christie Drazan.

“The DC political class is in full panic mode to rescue Tina Kotek’s failing and flailing campaign,” Drazan’s communications director told local media ahead of the president’s visit.

Part of what is stressing out Democrats is that a third unaffiliated candidate, Betsy Johnson, threatens to siphon votes from Democrats.

“I hope he comes more often so that Portland will finally clean up more of the trash and tent cities that Tina’s created between the airport and downtown Portland,” Johnson said to local media in response to Biden’s visit.

Oregon Democrats are hoping that their voters abandon Johnson, as the polls show a Republican candidate leading. A recent Oregonian poll showed Drazan leading the race by two points with 35 percent support to Kotek’s 33 percent. Johnson is earning 21 percent support.



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