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“Social justice warrior” Megan Rapinoe Under Fire for Anti-Asian Tweet


(breitbart) – Social justice warrior Megan Rapinoe has come under intense scrutiny following the disclosure of an old social media post in which she mocked Asians.

The tweet in question was posted over ten years ago. Rapinoe, a soccer star with the U.S. Women’s National Team,  posted a response to Natasha Kai, a USWNT Olympic gold medalist,  in which she wrote, “u look Asian with those closed eyes!”


The digging-up of old tweets to shame public figures has become a most disagreeable fixture of modern politics. However, it is a standard tactic used by the left. Rapinoe is a fast-rising star in liberal circles for her social justice activism, and it remains to be seen whether they will hold her to the same standard they seem to hold conservatives to in these circumstances.

Moreover, Rapinoe recently landed a major corporate deal by becoming one of the faces of Victoria’s Secret. In addition, to Victoria’s Secret, Rapinoe also has sponsorship deals with supposedly social justice-minded corporations such as Nike and others.

Former Trump White House Special Assistant Steve Cheung has already issued a call for Rapinoe’s corporate sponsors to hold her accountable for the tweet.

As of this writing, none of Rapinoe’s corporate sponsors have said how the soccer star’s remarks will impact their business relationship with her.



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