NYT Prints Dishonest Photo with Fake Gaza Hospital Story: ‘Astonishing Disinformation’

The New York Times misrepresented a photo of a semi-demolished building to be the location of the Gaza Hospital, which the paper initially reported on Tuesday as hit by an “Israeli strike.”

According to its own wire service, the Times identified the location of the photo to be in Khan Younis, a locality in the south of the Gaza Strip, which is not in the northern area of Gaza City.

The Times photo depicts a structure halfway demolished, an entirely different scene than photos reported by other establishment outlets. For example, CNN and the Wall Street Journal reported photos of the blast area showing what appeared to be a parking lot with trees nearby and without building debris.

“[W]hen @NYTimes published a fictitious story from Hamas about Israel bombing a hospital, NYT used a picture from a completely different location to make it look like a picture of the hospital that was ‘destroyed,’” author and lawyer Michael P Senger posted on X. “Astonishing disinformation and journalistic malpractice.”

The misrepresentation of the blast site comes after the Times reportedly edited its headline twice on Tuesday about the hospital blast, changing the title each time to reflect less blame against Israel for the tragic explosion.

Watch – Media Repeat Hamas Propaganda on Hospital Blast; Israel Shows Evidence Terrorist Rocket Responsible

The Times then made excuses on Wednesday for reporting an “Israeli Strike” blew up the hospital, information the paper based on the Hamas-run “Gaza health ministry.” The article omitted the Ministry’s almost synonymous association with the Hamas terror organization and attempted to suggest the Ministry is simply Palestinian. The Times‘ revised article still cites the “Palestinians” as its source.

Mark Levin, conservative radio host and litigator, noted during his Wednesday radio show the Times‘ headlines still confuse the Palestinian ethnic group with the Hamas terrorist organization. “Just to be clear, the New York Times has reached the conclusion, perhaps unwittingly, that Palestinians and Hamas are the same thing,” he explained.”But they will never admit it,” he told his audience.

Multiple pieces of evidence emerged from the Israel Defense Forces and the media that suggested the blast was an errant rocket fired by Hamas, not an Israeli airstrike.


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