Home Uncategorized Nolte: Ferguson II – Media Spread Hamas Hospital Hoax to Create More Violence

Nolte: Ferguson II – Media Spread Hamas Hospital Hoax to Create More Violence

Nolte: Ferguson II – Media Spread Hamas Hospital Hoax to Create More Violence

(breitbart) – To spread hate, violence, chaos, and war, the corporate media spread the Hamas Hospital Hoax even though the corporate media knew it was a hoax.

Only an idiot believes different.

Watch – Media Repeat Hamas Propaganda on Hospital Blast; Israel Shows Evidence Terrorist Rocket Responsible

“Evil.” “Corrupt.” “Wicked.” “Dishonest.” Many words accurately describe the corporate media. Two words no one can use are “stupid” or “gullible.”

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Oh, the stupid corporate media fell for the Hamas lies about Israel bombing a hospital.


Good heavens, wake up.

No one with an IQ over 50 is “gullible” or “stupid” enough to fall for something that comes from the mouth of Hamas, of godless terrorists who less than two weeks ago committed the cold-blooded slaughter of nearly 1,500 innocent Israeli civilians.

No one in the corporate media — and I do mean no one — believed the same people who, less than two weeks ago, shot the heads off of babies, executed a massacre at a peace festival, raped women, desecrated corpses, and killed parents in front of their young children.

WATCH — CNN’s Gotkine: Media Coverage Blaming Israel Means It Won’t Matter if Israel Proves Its Innocence in Hospital Blast:

FACT: The corporate media did not believe Hamas — let me assure you of that. The truth is much, much more troubling than gullible, and the truth is this…

The corporate media are in the business of violence against Western Civilization, and right now, business is good. Violence equals ratings, which equals profits. Better still, violence furthers the far-left Cause. The Gaza Hospital Hoax was what the media call a two-fer.

And for those wondering what the left’s Cause is, it is this.

Have you forgotten the lies the corporate media told to gin up chaos with the Trayvon Martin Hoax, the Michael Brown Hoax, the Freddie Gray Hoax, the Jussie Smollett Hoax…? Have you forgotten how America was prepared to come together in a shared revulsion and a demand for accountability for George Floyd, and how the corporate media then schemed with the organized left to ensure that didn’t happen by moving the “caring about George Floyd” goalposts to rioting, looting, and supporting the domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter?

The corporate media’s goal is mayhem, specifically against the West. Western media institutions have been infested with Wokesters who believe war and chaos are the road to the power they crave, the power to organize society in their fascistic image.

Only a dummy can look at the media’s behavior post-Trayvon Martin and believe different.

Let me ask you this: When was the last time the corporate media tried to turn down the temperature? When was the last time CNN drove a water truck instead of a gasoline truck into an incendiary situation?

A godless terrorist organization, which is notorious for 1) lying and 2) launching poorly constructed and aimed rockets, told the corporate media Israel bombed a hospital and, although the media knew Hamas was lying to create more war, the media did this:

Check out this CNN chyron… Jake Tapper is a monster:



WATCH — Alex Marlow: Andrew Understood “People Have the Power,” “Media Is Generally Clueless”:



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