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BREAKING: Democrats And Media Push ‘Race War’ – This Is Horrifying!

BREAKING: Democrats And Media Push ‘Race War’ – This Is Horrifying!
Mayor of Washington, D.C. Muriel Bowser and Congressman Rep. John Lewis (GA) are seen in Black Lives Matter Plaza, in front of the White House, in Washington, D.C. June 7, 2020. (Photo by Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

(breitbart) – A host of figures across politics, media, and Hollywood have simultaneously started mentioning the possibility of a “race war” as President Donald Trump calls for the end of civil unrest in Democrat-run cities.

1.) District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser

On Monday, District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser (pictured) claimed that she is concerned about “race war” in the U.S., citing recent clashes between rioters and law enforcement.

“What I’m worried about is this country descending into a race war,” Bowser told reporters. “And I’m worried about the continued incitement of violence from leadership who should be focused on bringing our communities together.

“Our police and peaceful protesters will be safer when we come together as a community and tamp down this Black-versus-White rhetoric,” she added.

2.) Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner

Reiner wrote on social media: “Donald Trump is taking a page out Charles Manson’s playbook. Start a race war, then convince the public you alone can end it. He’s a lying racist piece of garbage.”

3.) Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum

Gillum said: “This may sound hyperbolic, but Donald Trump wants a race war. Despite evidence of who’s really doing the shooting, his goal is to stoke white fear and anti-Blackness. The strength of our humanity, decency and commitment to the defense of democracy will be stretched at ever end.”

4.) Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson

Wilson wrote on Twitter Sunday: “Just a reminder, it’s not like there’s a plague sweeping the country, a race war being engineered out of the White House, and an economy on the brink…but Trump is playing golf today.”

5.) CNN analyst April Ryan

Ryan suggested that President Trump should be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for what she claimed was “instigating a race war.”

“This president, Donald John Trump, has instigated a race war in America,” stated Ryan. “There is a race war right now because of this president. People are calling me, asking if there indeed is a way to get the International Crimes Court to come in to deal with this. You know, I’ve talked to some people who are in intelligence, and they’re saying, ‘He’s done heinous things,’ but they have to see, we don’t know for sure.”

6.) Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)

Walsh claimed over the week that President Donald Trump believes a “race war” will increase the likelihood of his reelection. “Trump thinks a race war will help him win. Here’s why he’s wrong: 5 yrs ago, when I heard “Black lives matter,” I responded, “All lives matter,” Walsh tweeted. “Now, when I hear “Black lives matter,” I respond, “Yes, Black lives DO matter.” I’m not alone. Lots of white people have gotten it.”

7.) Former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, Jesse Lee

Lee claimed: “Trump is actively trying to incite a deadly race war because he thinks it will make people forget his failures on the Coronavirus. He knows exactly the signal he is sending, and to whom.”

8.) Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings

Jennings chimed in: “My main concern about ‘Joe Biden’s America’ is that Donald Trump is president of it and he’s trying to start a race war.”

9.) Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank

Milbank wrote a piece, titled “Cornered, Trump tries to foment a race war” which was published Monday.



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