BREAKING: Trump Unleashes Election Surprise – Biden STUNNED

President Trump has stunned Joe Biden and the Democrat party as his approval ratings have bounced back to 50% with three months to go to the election.

According to a Rasmussen tracking poll released on Friday, 50% of Americans approve of President Trump’s performance with 48% disapproving.

The last time Trump hit 50% approval ratings was in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Now with the pandemic’s worst behind him, Trump has survived.

In late June, President Trump’s approval had fallen all the way to 42% but has been on the rise ever since.

If the unprecedented pandemic couldn’t sink his reelection campaign, how will Joe Biden and the Democrats sink him?

With the height of election season about to hit, President Trump is in a good place. His approval rating could skyrocket once the presidential debates begin.


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