BREAKING: Tragic Trump Family News – Ivanka and Jared Attacked


(dailyconservative) – The Trump family was shocked by the recent attack against them by a host of the left-leaning show, ‘The View.’

Meghan McCain blasted Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump claiming they “need to be held accountable” after the capitol attack.

First McCain ranted against President Donald Trump:

I don’t understand why people on Capitol Hill aren’t demanding that this end, because as long as we take no culpability for what happened, and I say we as the collective Republican Party, there’s no future for the party. There is none if the president is going to keep saying things like that, and we’re not going to hold him accountable. This is dead. We can call it over.

But then she said the family needs to be held responsible as well. “His family needs to be held accountable for this too. Don’t let Ivanka and Jared off just because they are not saying anything right now,” said McCain. “Apparently, they’re in hiding. Do not let these people off the hook.”

McCain presented no evidence as the crime or issue for which they should be held accountable. No one in the Trump family, including Donald Trump, made calls for violence and violence was condemned at multiple opportunities.

Despite the lack of evidence, McCain said “All of these people need to be held accountable… Don’t let anybody off the hook. I beg of everyone.”