BREAKING: Top Democrats NAILED – Police Chief Stuns Congress…

(dailyconservative) – The Democrats are blaming the response of the Capitol police during the riots of January 6th on racism of the officers.

They have no evidence. No proof. But years and years of depending on that excuse to get there where they want to go.

However, the former Chief of Capitol Police is speaking out and the Democrats aren’t going to like it.

Breitbart News reported that “Steven Sund rejected claims on Tuesday by Sen. Alex Padilla that his officers were more lenient toward the Capitol rioters than they would have been to Black Lives Matter demonstrators:”

We plan for every demonstration the exact same way. Doesn’t matter the message of the person, doesn’t matter the demographics of the grievants involved in the demonstration. We do it the exact same way … I will tell you, we handled 15 major demonstrations involving Black Lives Matter groups, following the death of George Floyd over the summer. We had a total of six arrests — six arrests. No use of less lethal capabilities; no use of lethal force capabilities. The events, the — everything that we put into place for January 6 far exceeded any planning that we did for any events in 2020 … [or] any other event that I can recollect on the nation’s Capitol.

A report after the riots called for Joe Biden to apologize for the implication of racism against the Capitol Police. As of this date, he has not.


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