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BREAKING: They Just Dug Up Joe Biden’s Dark Secret – Dems Stunned

BREAKING: They Just Dug Up Joe Biden’s Dark Secret – Dems Stunned

(breitbart) – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blasted the Biden administration’s budget released Friday, contending the proposal will “drown American families in debt, deficits, and inflation.”

“Now we know why the Administration tried to bury their budget announcement on the Friday before a holiday weekend,” the Kentucky Republican said in a Friday statement following the release of Biden’s budget, explaining it would have a negative impact on American families by drowning them “debt, deficits, and inflation.”

“Even after the massive tax hikes Democrats want to force on the American people, they’d still have the government running trillion-plus-dollar deficits every year,” McConnell stated:

“Democrats want to borrow and spend on a scale that America has not seen since we had to fight and win World War II. Our debt burden would break all records, eclipsing even the 1940s,” he continued, asserting Americans are “already hurting from far-left economics that ignore reality”:

And for what? A stronger national defense to compete with China? No, this budget would actually cut funding for our Armed Forces after inflation and leave us less safe. Generational new public works? No, there’s no 21st-century equivalent of the Hoover Dam or the Interstate Highway System to make Americans proud. It’s amazing how little all this taxing, printing, and borrowing would actually net American families. The money would just disappear into a million mediocre socialist daydreams, from electric car subsidies to work-discouraging welfare programs to Washington-directed childcare plans that would put politicians’ thumbs on the scales of family decisions.

Americans are already hurting from far-left economics that ignore reality. The Administration’s counterproductive ‘COVID relief bill’ has slowed rehiring. Families are facing painful inflation, just as experts warned the Democrats’ plans might cause. And the Administration wants to triple down on the same mistakes?

White House budget proposals are often quickly-forgotten messaging documents. But this year, Democrats are threatening to completely bypass Senate committees, short-circuit the legislative process, and unilaterally force this radical vision onto the American people as-is.

McConnell added, “If Washington Democrats can move beyond the socialist daydreams and the go-it-alone partisanship, we could get a lot of important work done for our country.”

Biden’s budget has generated significant buzz as it contains radical proposals, such as killing the Hyde Amendment, effectively forcing taxpayers to fund abortions via federal programs.

Additionally, the Biden budget calls for a 37.6 percent tax hike on individuals, hikes public housing spending by 900 percent, and invokes “equity” over two dozen times throughout.



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