BREAKING NEWS: Homeowner Opens Fire This Is Amazing

(breitbart) – Deputies responding to reports of a South Carolina home intruder being shot late Wednesday night arrived to find the body of the alleged intruder lying on the front porch of the home he allegedly targeted.

Live 5 News reports Colleton County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene to find the alleged intruder dead and armed. The deceased suspect was 25-years-old.

The homeowner told deputies that the deceased suspect was one of two armed men who had allegedly tried to break in his door.

The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)used Facebook to post a press release on the incident, noting:

Dispatchers received a call from a homeowner stating he shot an intruder breaking into his home – deputies found an armed male deceased on the front porch. The homeowner exited the home unarmed and confirmed he shot the man when he and another individual tried to break down his door and were armed with a handgun. The second person fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan.

The CCSO went on to stress that the office is committed to keeping Colleton County residents safe and is asking anyone with information on the possible second suspect to please come forward.

One of CCSO’s Facebook followers responded to the press release by saying, “If enough homeowners would do this maybe people would stop breaking in.”


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