BREAKING: Maxine Waters Is OUT – Report Stuns Nation


(dailyconservative) – A new audit of the city of Los Angeles finances shows a projected $675 million deficit–and the city’s 40,000 homeless population may be a big part of the spending problem.

Despite placing 23,000 homeless people in homes in 2019, the homeless population in the city continues to grow.

Multiple administrators tasked with fixing the problem are making more than cabinet officials in the federal government, with the top Housing and Community Investment director earning a salary of over $250,000 and four assistants making more than $200,000.

The county also floated a $1.2 billion bond issue to build homes for the homeless, but the layers of bureaucracy ended up making the cost $559,000 each for tiny, basic units.

To solve the budget problem, the city council plans to cut 843 jobs by May if they don’t get a federal government bailout–and most of them are police department positions, of course. I’m sure Maxine Waters would approve.