BREAKING: Biden Goes Down – Scandal Evidence Comes Out…

(dailyconservative) – Joe Biden and the Democrats tout their credentials as being the pro-children party because of their education platform, but the truth is not quiet as it seems.

Sen. Tom Cotton is shedding light on the truth and Biden must be furious.

Specifically, Cotton points out that Biden’s administration has been catering to the leftist teachers’ unions instead of meeting the needs of the actual children:

Joe Biden and his entire team has said for a year, we follow the science. We are the party of science. Just tell us what the science says. Joe Biden’s own CDC said the science is clear that schools are not sources of major transmissions of the virus. Yet his own chief of staff goes out that very same day and says no, no, we can’t go back to school.

If the schools are not major sources of transmissions, then why the fuss?

“That’s because Joe Biden and the Democrats are more focused on rewarding their political clients like teachers unions than they are helping kids,” said Cotton.

“Schools have one purpose,” said the Arkansas Republican. “That is to teach kids, not to employ adults. As we’ve seen in Arkansas, where we’ve been in school since last fall, kids can go to school with proper safety precautions. They are not major sources of transmission.”


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