BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT – Scandal Shocks Nation

(breitbart) – Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that President Joe Biden was showing that he did not care about working with Republicans.

While discussing the Democrats pushing another coronavirus relief package without Republican support, anchor Chuck Todd asked, “Are you still willing to work with the Biden White House if this deal ends up being on a vote? Will this make it harder for you to work with them or, you’ll be there for the next one?”

Cassidy said, “You actually have two different questions in that. I am absolutely willing to work with anyone if it’s good for the American people, because that’s what we should all be about. We have conservative solutions. The more conservative values infuse public policy, I think the better public policy is. On the other hand, the administration is showing very clearly they don’t care if they have to work with us. They’re willing to push things through, even if someone like Larry Summers says it’s bone-headed policy, I’m paraphrasing, and even if we come in good faith with at least ten and more that would have joined us, and they say they don’t care.”


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