BREAKING: Here’s Who Is REALLY Behind Supply Chain Disaster – White House Scrambling

(breitbart) – On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that America’s manufacturing dependence on China is the root of the supply chain problems, and President Joe Biden “helped create” this. Cotton also stated that Biden also helped create the short-term issues with enhanced unemployment and locking down the economy.

Cotton said, “[T]he root of the problem…for 30 years, we’ve sent so many of our jobs and manufacturing to China. It’s not easy these days to buy a piece of furniture or clothing or shoes or toys for your kids or Christmas decorations that [don’t] come from China. But now, that’s been the case for 30 years. Joe Biden helped create that. He also…helped create the short-term problem because of the inflation that our country sees due to the supply shortages from paying people not to work, from locking down our economy, all of this was foreseeable.”


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