Home Uncategorized BOOM: Tucker Carlson Rips The Bidens – You Need To See This

BOOM: Tucker Carlson Rips The Bidens – You Need To See This

BOOM: Tucker Carlson Rips The Bidens – You Need To See This

(dailyconservative) – The left has been praising Jill Biden’s “doctor” title as if it lends credence to the scientific knowledge of the Biden administration amid this pandemic.

After the liberal loonies that host “The View” claimed Jill Biden should be the next surgeon general because she is “one hell of a doctor,” Tucker Carlson pulled the cover off of that scam:

Yes, Jill Biden is one hell of a doctor says Karen. She should be Surgeon General. Just don’t ask her to commit surgery. Don’t ask for advice in your coronary artery disease because she’s not actually a physician. She’s a Doctor of Education, which means basically nothing.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal pointed this out. They ran an op-ed by Joe Epstein, made a true and obvious point. Jill Biden is not a doctor. No. Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is.

In 2007, at the age of 55, she got a Doctorate in Education. So she’s got the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.

Tucker went on to recount the story Biden told over a decade ago about why Jill got her degree. Here’s a spoiler — it had nothing to do with helping others.

“In 2009, back when America was a lot more honest, Joe Biden explained why his wife got that degree quote, ‘She said, I was so sick of the mail coming to Senator and Mrs. Biden, I wanted to get mail address to Dr. and Senator Biden. That’s the real reason she got her doctorate.’” said Carlson. “In other words, Jill Biden was diagnosed with a very bad case of status anxiety, and she decided to cure that as so many do in our country with another pointless title.”



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