All-Black Armed “Not F**king Around Coalition” Holds Rally In Louisville — Member Gets Shot When Other Members Start F**king Around #NFAC


Sloppy gun ownership.

(Big League Politics) – A member of the “Not F****** Around Coalition” Black Nationalist militia accidentally shot three other militia members during the group’s armed protest event in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday morning.

The moment of the negligent discharge was caught on camera, although the shot in question wasn’t captured. Members of the militia, who were in Louisville protesting the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, kneeled after the shot was fired. All indications point to one of their own shooting not just one, but three members of the group in a negligent discharge, raising serious questions about the NFAC’s ability to protest safely while carrying firearms.

Three people were treated by first responders at the scene, and were evacuated to an area hospital. A gun was confiscated by law enforcement for their investigation into the shooting.

A member of the NFAC, a self-titled black nationalist militia, reportedly chalked off the incident as a “little accident, it happens,” when speaking to the militia.

The leader of the NFAC, who calls himself “Grand Master Jay,” has previously referred to members of his group as ‘expert shooters,’ a description that seems questionable after Saturday’s tragic incidence of a negligent discharge wounding three people. Grand Master Jay has advocated for black secession from the United States, proposing that the Union cede a state such as Texas in order to create a “new black nation.”

Reports indicate that the three wounded NFAC members are in serious, but not life-threatening condition at a Kentucky hospital.

These guys should probably calm down and reassess their worldview after three of their own were shot by a careless member of the group.