Home Uncategorized WOW: Kari Lake Makes Democrat Senator MELT DOWN With Latest Comment

WOW: Kari Lake Makes Democrat Senator MELT DOWN With Latest Comment

WOW: Kari Lake Makes Democrat Senator MELT DOWN With Latest Comment

If Kari Lake makes her way to the U.S. Senate next year, expect her to send Democrats into full-blown meltdowns like she did recently.

Arizona’s Democratic Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about a comment by Lake where she said supporters should “strap on a Glock” if the November elections devolve into doubt and violence. Mainstream outlets like NBC were quick to isolate the comment outside of Lake’s larger remarks where she said the campaign season would be a “crazy run” that requires supporters to be “strapped in” several ways.

“We need to send people to Washington, D.C., that the swamp does not want there,” Lake told a crowd of supporters in Mohave County on Sunday, according to NBC News. “And I can think of a couple people they don’t want there. First on that list is Donald J. Trump; second is Kari Lake. They can’t bribe me, they can’t blackmail me. That’s why they don’t want me in Washington, D.C. And that’s exactly why President Trump wants me there fighting with him.”

“He’s willing to sacrifice everything I am. That’s why they’re coming after us with lawfare, they’re going to come after us with everything. That’s why the next six months is going to be intense. And we need to strap on our — let’s see. What do we want to strap on?” Lake asked as some in the crowd chuckled. “We’re going to strap on our, our seat belt. We’re going to put on our helmet or your Kari Lake ball cap. We are going to put on the armor of God. And maybe strap on a Glock on the side of us just in case.”


“We’re not going to be the victims of crime,” Lake continued. “We’re not going to have our Second Amendment taken away. We’re certainly not going to have our First Amendment taken away by these tyrants. The next six months are going to be difficult. If you are not ready for action, and I have a feeling with as many veterans and former law enforcement, active law enforcement” — Lake paused to ask for a show of hands — “… you guys are ready for it. It’s going to be a crazy run, the next six months. This is the moment we have to save our country.”

Sen. Kelly, whose wife Gabby Giffords was shot in the head by a deranged gunman in 2011 while in Congress, told “Meet the Press” hosts “what Kari Lake said could result in people getting hurt or killed,” according to the Western Journal. Asked if words like hers could “translate into violence,” Kelly replied, “Absolutely, especially when they come from somebody who is in a leadership position.”

Lake is a top prospect for Senate Republicans hoping to retake control of the upper chamber next January but often finds herself the target of Democrats seeking to cast her as unfit for office. Her full-throated endorsement of former President Donald Trump earned her a record-setting fundraising haul at Mar-a-Lago last month as well a a slew of endorsements from top Senate Republicans. After it was revealed that she faced a bribe by the former chair of the Arizona Republican Party to step aside in the race, Lake’s stature rose further. She faces likely Democratic opponent Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) in the general election should she win the Republican primary. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) said earlier this year she will not seek reelection.


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