WOW: Joe Biden Christmas Disaster – Viewer Call-In Absolutely Destroys Him

(breitbart) – President Joe Biden was fooled by a father of some children that he called for Christmas to track Santa Claus via NORAD.

“Merry Christmas, and let’s go, Brandon!” the father named “Jared” said, referring to the popular conservative phrase to signal dissatisfaction with the president after Biden spoke with his kids on the phone.

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied.

This is the first time that Biden has reacted to the phrase sweeping the nation, and it remains unclear whether the president knows what it means.

The White House claimed in November that Biden did not focus on it.

“I don’t think he spends much time focused on it or thinking about it,” Psaki replied when asked by NBC reporter Peter Alexander about the slogan during a press briefing.

Biden spoke with several couples and children during the traditional Santa tracking event with military families, a tradition for the presidents on Christmas Eve.

First Lady Jill Biden led the call, while the president chimed in on occasion.


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