WOW: Biden Get’s The Bad News – GOP IS Pulling Ahead

(breitbart) – Voters believe Republicans are more in tune with the top issues plaguing the country, while Democrats are focused on partisan goals, an October Harris Poll/HarrisX survey found. 

The survey asked respondents, “What would you say are the most important issues facing the country today,” weeks ahead of the highly anticipated 2022 midterm election. 

The top issue, overall, is price increases/inflation, with 37 percent noting it as the most important issue. Twenty-nine percent identified the economy and jobs as the top issue, followed by 23 percent who said immigration, and 18 percent who said crime and drugs. 

What is more, the perceived concerns of Republicans match up with top issues for Americans, as respondents said Republican Party leaders are most concerned with immigration, price increases/inflation, and the economy and jobs. 

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders appear to be out of touch, as voters view their top issues of concern to be January 6, women’s rights, and the environment/climate change. 

This data could spell trouble for Democrats, as Americans have witnessed a dramatic rise in prices, crime, and illegal immigration under the leadership of President Biden and Democrats controlling both the Senate and the House. 

Consumer prices, for example, are up 8.2 percent compared with one year ago. Individuals are also worried about rising crime, prompting conservative senators to call on President Biden to deploy all available resources to American cities dealing with these issues:

Meanwhile, according to some estimates, roughly 5 million illegal migrants have crossed the border since Biden took office. In June alone, authorities on the Southern border seized enough fentanyl to kill 140 million people. 

The survey was taken October 12-13, 2022, among 2,010 registered voters.


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