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WATCH: Trump Makes ‘Morning Joe’ Melt Down In Hilarious Segment

WATCH: Trump Makes ‘Morning Joe’ Melt Down In Hilarious Segment

Former President Donald Trump managed to send MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough into a tailspin during Tuesday’s segment of “Morning Joe.” Trump’s statements about potential actions should he return to the Oval Office in 2024 left the liberal host Scarborough floundering for words.

“You’re actually going to support a guy that has promised you he’s going to be a dictator on day one?” Scarborough asked his viewers. “Do they not see that this guy is promising, he’s promising to be an authoritarian? He’s talking about, you know, getting elected again after 2024, and I just—we know who Trump is.”

Scarborough continued, “This isn’t about Trump. This is about those people who are deciding, instead of choosing democracy American democracy, they’re going to choose Donald Trump.”

In March, Scarborough had to retract a social media post that criticized Trump’s “bloodbath” comment following a correction from X founder Elon Musk.


As Democrats toss around grave accusations and dystopian predictions about Trump’s potential return to power, it’s becoming clearer that the extreme scenarios are being painted not out of genuine concern, but as a desperate attempt to sway public opinion by stoking fear.

While the opposition shrieks at shadows, Trump’s straightforward approach continues to resonate with a significant portion of the electorate who feel ignored by the current political scene.


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