WATCH: Levin Exposes Goal Of Democrats’ Trump Prosecutions In Fiery Tirade: ‘Want To Be Monopoly Party’

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Famed conservative host Mark Levin torched the four indictments against former President Donald Trump, all brought by Democrats or Biden Justice Department officials, saying the goal of Democratic prosecutors is to give their party a “monopoly” over American democracy.

Levin, appearing for his regular segment “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News, was unsparing in his assessment that Democrats are weaponizing the nation’s court systems in a last-ditch effort to prevent President Trump, who has been surpassing President Joe Biden in recent polling, from returning to the White House.

“Every one of these damn phony indictments, where they dust off these old laws… these are an attack on the people. Every indictment is an attack on our freedom, our ability to vote. The Democrats don’t care about voting. They care about winning. At all costs. The Democrat Party wants to be the monopoly party in this country. It is very close to being that. It wants to be the state party where the government and the Democrat Party are tied at the hip… That means when they’re out of office, they still run the country,” Levin thundered.

Raising his voice, he added, “Don’t tell me they’re standing for We the People. Don’t tell me that this is the party we depend on to protect the vote. Don’t tell me that this is the party protecting documents and emails and texts when it’s the party of Hillary Clinton who destroyed 30,000 of them and was never charged with obstruction.”


Levin also accused special counsel Jack Smith of leaking court information to the media as he seeks to charge President Trump with mishandling classified documents and conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The 45th president also faces charges from Democratic prosecutors in Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia, all timed, Levin said, to hurt Trump in the middle of his campaign.

“This is about a political party that sees its opportunity to seize control,” Levin said.

Despite the onslaught, President Trump has surpassed President Biden in head-to-head polls and maintained a massive polling advantage over his rivals for the GOP primary. Voters are flocking to support him against charges they see as politically motivated.


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