WATCH: KJP Offers Laughable Excuse For Biden’s Sudden Departure From Medal Of Honor Ceremony

(trendingpoliticsnews) – During Tuesday’s Medal of Honor ceremony, President Joe Biden made headlines not for the honor he bestowed upon Army Captain Larry Taylor, but for his sudden and unexplained departure from the event. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre offered an explanation today that has left many skeptical and questioning the President’s priorities.

During the ceremony, Biden removed his mask to deliver remarks about Captain Taylor’s service to the nation. After the speech, he put his mask back on but then left the ceremony abruptly, missing a concluding prayer and other important segments of the event.

When questioned about the President’s sudden exit, KJP stated, “He left when there was a pause in the program in order to minimize his close contact with attendees who were about to participate in a reception.”

According to KJP, the departure was planned to “minimize certainly his impact on folks who were there.”


If the President was concerned about COVID-19 exposure, why did he remove his mask in the first place to deliver his speech, and why did he not put it back on when he abruptly left?


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