WATCH: ‘Joined the Woke Cult’ – Miller Lite Under Fire over Feminist Ad Campaign

(breitbart) – Miller Lite is under fire after a March ad campaign caught renewed attention for its overtly feminist tone — which is now reigniting the outrage that ensued after Bud Light appeared to collaborate with biological man who believes he is a woman — as companies continue to embrace the radical woke agenda.

The “Bad $#!T to Good $#!T” campaign, ostensibly debuted in March for women’s month, attempts to right apparent wrongs for women in the beer industry.

“Here’s a little known fact. Women were among the very first to brew beer ever — from Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to Colonial America. women were the ones doing the brewing,” the spokesperson said in the ad, complaining that the beer industry has paid homage to women centuries later by putting them in bikinis and sexualizing them to promote the brews.

“Wow,” the spokeswoman said disgusted, removing an image of what appears to be an old Miller Lite ad featuring a woman in a bikini.

“Look at this sh*t. Wild,” she said, surrounded by ads of scantily clad women promoting beer. Notably, Miller Lite censors the word “shit,” which is used repeatedly, throughout the ad.

“It’s time beer made it up to women. So today, Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up not just their sh*t but the whole beer industry’s sh*t. Miller Lite has been scouring the internet for all this sh*t and buying it that they can turn it into good sh*t for women brewers. Literally, good sh*t,” she said, as other women described that they will take it and turn it into fertilizer to ultimately help female hops farmers.

“So here’s to women. Because without us there would be no beer,” the spokeswoman claimed.


“This Women’s History Month, Miller Lite wanted to recognize that without women, there would be no beer,” Elizabeth Hitch, senior director of marketing for Miller Lite, said in a statement at the time.

“To honor this we wanted to acknowledge the missteps in representation of women in beer advertising by cleaning up not just our $#!T, but the whole industry’s $#!T while benefiting the future of women and beer,” she added.

This ad campaign appeared to debut prior to the Bud Light debacle, but calls for a boycott are beginning to ensure as the ad campaign goes viral.

“Apparently, what passes for wisdom in American marketing departments is ‘we’ll go woke, but we’ll say ‘sh*t’ a lot so that our customers will like it. Miller Lite is owned by Coors. You know what to do,” Charlie Kirk said as others expressed disgust over the woke ad.

The resurfaced ad campaign comes as Anheuser-Busch-owned companies saw their market share shrink, while Coors and Millers grew. It remains to be seen how this resurfaced ad campaign will affect that. Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch sales continue to drop, well over a month after Dylan Mulvaney unveiled that Bud Light gifted him a can with his face on it to celebrate his “day 365 of womanhood.”

The backlash eventually prompted Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth to issue a mea culpa, contending the company “never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people.”

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