WATCH: Jen Psaki Melts Down After Being Compared To Ronna McDaniel

MSNBC host and former Biden flak Jen Psaki did not appreciate being compared to former Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, distinguishing her hiring at MSNBC from the recently reneged-on hiring of McDaniel at NBC by insinuating she brings “honesty” and “good faith” to the network.

Speaking about the “right-wing ecosystem” citing the hypocrisy of firing McDaniel while keeping Psaki at MSNBC, the former White House press secretary brandished the tiresome left-wing talking point that “our democracy is in danger” and “our institutions are under attack” as she defended her role leading the week’s primetime 8 p.m. slot.

“Because of the lies that people like Ronna McDaniel have pushed on this country,” she said, quoting Liz Cheney in an obsequious appeal for bipartisan outrage.

“This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat. This isn’t about red versus blue. This is about truth versus lies. Service to the country versus service to one man committed to toppling our democratic system,” Psaki warned.


“That is the type of experience that Ronna McDaniel brings to the table.”

In less than two years at the liberal cable news network, Psaki has compiled an infamous number of incidents in which her past statements have run up against her virtue-signaling platitudes.

Following the election of House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) in October, Psaki snorted at the Republican’s assertion that the Bible informs his worldview. He “suggested that his election as speaker was an act of God,” Psaki opined. “Talk about a bit of a humblebrag there.”

“It’s not just his political ideology that should scare us. Johnson is basically a Christian fundamentalist,” she added for effect.

Psaki was scorched online after claiming that “no one” in her Democratic Party “supports abortion up until birth,” rightly receiving mockery as she tried to spin Republicans’ support for a 15-week abortion ban into a rallying cry for the average American. She was also conspicuously silent when Biden’s FBI recently visited the homes of pro-life activists to question them about their ties to terrorism.

Her misdirections are par for the course at MSNBC, which regularly puts moral panic in the driver’s seat via longtime hosts including Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough. In November, Maddow suggested Trump will begin putting Americans in Nazi-style “camps” if reelected while Scarborough outright claimed that the former president would “execute” his political enemies if given the chance.


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