WATCH: GOP Rep. Urges Impeachment For Biden: ‘It’s Our Obligation’

(trendingpoliticsnews) – GOP Representative Greg Steube (R-FL) has called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, stating it is Congress’s “obligation” to take action when faced with evidence of crimes committed by the President during his tenure as Vice President.Rep. Steube’s remarks came during a discussion regarding the recent release of financial documents by the Oversight Committee, combined with the testimony of Devon Archer, which occurred a week earlier. Additionally, the Congressman referenced investigations by the Ways and Means Committee and reports from IRS whistleblowers, which he believes paints a clear picture of wrongdoing.“We had Devon Archer’s testimony a week or so ago. And you put all these things together, along with the Ways and Means investigation, the IRS whistleblowers, all the information that Congress has, and the investigations we’ve done, and you have real evidence of crimes, not just the financial evidence, but corroborating witness testimony,” Rep. Steube said.The Florida representative emphasized that Congress has an inherent duty to “stand up for America” and act on this evidence, especially when there are claims of crimes being committed by a sitting President. WATCH:

Jim Jordan, who is a part of the Judiciary Committee, is expected to receive the articles of impeachment and make a determination on their progress. Steube also acknowledged the influential role of the Speaker in this process. The Congressman mentioned that the Speaker has recently shown more openness to an inquiry.

Jordan said last month, “It sure looks like all this evidence which keeps piling up based on what Senator Grassley released this week with the 1023 form.”

“What we heard from the whistleblowers this past week, and the conflicting statements from the Justice Department, it sure looks like we are moving in that direction at a pretty quick pace.”

Rep. Steube asserted, “That’s all it would start is an inquiry. You use the resolution to start the inquiry and we’d go through that process. I 100% think we need to do that because of the clear evidence of the crimes that have been committed by Joe Biden and his family members.”

The push for impeachment is likely to bring heated debates in Congress, with divisions expected along party lines. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said, “We already knew that [the] Bidens are the most corrupt family ever to live in the White House, and that’s saying a lot after the Clintons lived there.”

“But what we saw more of this week is more proof and more evidence,” Banks continued, adding that GOP lawmakers have a duty to their constituents to follow through with impeachment. He also called for Trump’s impeachment over the “Ukraine phone call” to be overturned.

“It’s time to impeach him. The evidence was already there, but this is further evidence that this is the type of high crimes and misdemeanors that should prevent this man from serving any day longer in the White House than what he already has. On top of that — man, I mean, this evidence this week proves that they impeached Donald Trump because he was right,” Banks finished.


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