WATCH: CNN Melts Down After Judge Bans Government From Using Big Tech to Censor Free Speech

(trendingpoliticsnews) – A panel of CNN reporters and liberal legal watchers were in full panic mode Wednesday morning after a devastating injunction issued by a federal judge ordering the Biden administration to stand down from further efforts to pressure social media companies to silence or ban users who it contends are threats to national security or public health measures.

The ruling, which free speech advocates have called a dramatic win for the First Amendment, drew the ire of Elie Honig, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York. Speaking about the ruling, Honig said he was “astonished”:

“This is a conservative ideology. It clearly comes through in this decision. It’s a conservative political ideology. We saw some of the quotes, questioning vaccines, questioning masks, conservative talking points. But the ruling itself is the opposite of judicial conservatism. This is one of the most aggressive, far-reaching rulings you’ll ever see. What this judge is purporting to do is micromanage really the day-to-day interactions between the entire executive branch… and the leading social media companies,” Honig claimed.


Honig served as an ADA in New York between 2004 and 2012 before joining the Attorney General’s Office for New Jersey where he instituted liberal bail reforms that eliminated cash bail to most defendants.

“In the actual temporary injunction, the judge basically says, ‘You’re not allowed, [Biden] administration, to talk to these social media companies about any protected free speech except for cybersecurity threats, national security threats, criminal threats.’ But where’s the line? Who’s going to police this?” Honig added.

One CNN reporter noted that Judge Terry A. Doughty, appointed by former President Donald Trump, was approved in a 98-0 vote by the U.S. Senate.

Judge Doughty’s decision is expected to have far-reaching consequences for Big Tech censorship of viewpoints at odds with the official line of the federal government on a litany of issues from Covid public health measures to allegations of voter fraud in elections. While the American Civil Liberties Union, purported national defenders of the First Amendment, was noticeably silent about Tuesday’s ruling, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was elated, saying the injunction would prevent continued censorship of his viewpoints on social media platforms.


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