WATCH: Biden Says ‘I’ve Been To Every Mass Shooting’ During Bizarre Remarks Touting Gun Control

During Friday’s address promoting gun control, President Joe Biden made a series of perplexing statements that left many scratching their heads once again.

President Biden continued his recent trend of lying as he spewed another puzzling claim in the rose garden, stating that he’s “been to every mass shooting.”

Further emphasizing his stance on gun control, Biden stated, “If you need 80 shots in a magazine, you shouldn’t own a gun.”

He also took the opportunity to remind the audience of his past efforts in gun control legislation, saying he was the guy who banned assault weapons and multiple magazines. Biden was referring to his role in the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

Perhaps the most bewildering moment of the address came when Biden stated, “I remember when I was young. We have something in common. I got elected to the Senate when I was 29 years old, only difference was he was eligible when he got elected to take office. I had to wait 17 days to be eligible. That was 827 years ago.”


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