Home Uncategorized WATCH: Biden Nearly Takes A Nasty Fall On Air Force One ‘Short Stairs’

WATCH: Biden Nearly Takes A Nasty Fall On Air Force One ‘Short Stairs’

WATCH: Biden Nearly Takes A Nasty Fall On Air Force One ‘Short Stairs’

President Joe Biden narrowly avoided another disastrous senior moment on live TV Monday morning, barely regaining balance while ascending the shorter set of stairs to board Air Force One.

For the better part of a year, Biden’s top staffers have implemented numerous measures to keep the 80-year-old Democrat from repeating painful spills and embarrassing stumbles while performing official duties or out on the campaign trail. The near-miss incident Monday morning came as the president embarked to Wisconsin to announce plans to once again attempt to cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt for borrowers.

The Republican National Committee highlighted the clip in which the president, wearing his spiffy super-grip black sneakers, strolls past military personnel before clipping his toe on a stair and grabbing the handle to save himself.


The moment is one of at least 17 tracked by the RNC, which immediately released a highlight reel of President Biden’s worst gravitational challenges. Throughout his three-plus years in office, Biden has fallen off a bike, tripped over a sandbag, and on two occasions has fallen to his knees while ascending Air Force One’s larger staircase. The president’s use of the smaller stairs today is part of a larger effort to minimize opportunities where he might fall in public.


Americans have grown increasingly suspicious about the president’s ability to handle the rigors of a second term. A poll from February indicated that an astonishing 82% of Americans believe he should not seek reelection.

In response, President Biden has snapped at reporters who asked if he is concerned about the consternation over his age. During a brief exchange with a Fox News reporter in November, the 81-year-old incumbent snapped after being asked if the concerns about his age and fitness for a second term are legitimate.

“That’s stupid!” Biden shouted from afar.

Former President Donald Trump has taken to mocking his older rival, imitating his inability to exit a stage without help from his aides and joking that staff provides him with a cocktail of drugs to keep him lucid. Trump, who on Monday announced he would not pursue a federal abortion ban if elected, has indicated he intends to make criticisms of Biden’s age, handling of the economy, as well as the southern border central to his reelection strategy.


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